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UGO Ltd.

Wide Range Fabric and Garment Development

Who We Are

UGO Ltd develops fabrics and garments since 2013 and exports to their European customers from Turkey, placing their orders to the most suitable mills and factories according to customers' specific  quantity and quality needs.

GOTS, GRS certified organic fabrics for casual garments, durable tactical purpose fabrics for military or outdoor use, breathable fabrics, or good quality fabrics for elegant night dresses, men's suits, etc.

Our area of expertise has wide range from sustainable organic fabrics for kid's garments to high level durable fabrics for military use as combat vests and bags and moist controlled technical breathable fabrics for tactical wear and uniforms for combats.

The main services offered by UGO are;

• Sourcing

• Product Development

• Production Tracking

• Quality Assurance

• Logistics

What We Do

If you are searching for fabric or garment to source from Turkey, we are your confident partner in this country to work with the most suitable local manufacturer for your expectations and to achieve better price levels for your order quantity needs.

Our team is a few school mates graduated from Textile Engineering in 90's and since then experienced in different areas in textile industry from yarn to garment production. Our strong relations with from small mills to big capaciy factories makes us solution maker for special expectations of our customers.

Our Products

GOTS certified organic fabrics and organic garments. Organic home textiles as towels, bathrobes and bed linens. Men's suits. Ladies' wear. Tactical wear with breathable fabrics made with special yarns. highly durable Nylon 6.6 or high density Polyester fabrics for military vests and bags. Denim trousers and jackets. Shirts and blouses. Kid’s wear. Maternity wear.

Our History

UGO Ltd. established in Izmir in 2013 by three equal partners, Hakan Uygun, Arif Gecit, Hakan Ozelcam and named as UGO by initials of their surnames.

Close friendship for many years of these three has caused a great synergy for the company, as well as their experiences and knowledge in different product groups. That reflects our customer satisfaction from Australia to Switzerland, England, Russia, Italy and Germany.

Since 2015, Arif Gecit is the sole owner of the UGO Ltd. Arif is a textile engineer and his team mates are mostly also his school mates from the university who are professionals in different areas at textile sector and experienced for more than two decades since their graduation in early 1990's from Textile Engineering faculty of Egean University .

UGO still goes on with sustainable organic textile products for its long term customers. Besides, since 2017, UGO also focused to special fabric's developments for tactical wear for military.

Our Location

Izmir city is the third biggest city and has the biggest coast at the west edge of Turkey and center for exporting sustainable and organic textiles with its  precincts Egean industrial area to Europe. For the less carbon print in demand,  Egean part of Anatolia has local cotton farmers and yarn manufacturers as well. Egean cotton is well known with its fiber quality for good quality cotton yarns.

Eagan University has the oldest and biggest Textile Engineering Faculty in Izmir. Innovations and following technical advancements in textiles, Izmir has the tactical wear brands and good quality manufacturers for outdoor garments. 

Izmir also the center for  manufacturers of jackets, men's suits, shirts, night dresses and in general ceremonial garments production. Therefore European's biggest fair organization "If Wedding Fashion" is held in Izmir city annually.

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Company: UGO Deri Tekstil Ltd. Şti.

Address: Erzene Mah. 36 sok. No:17 Batı Apt. Daire:9 35040 Bornova İzmir/Turkiye

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